Judith Alberte Kasen - artwork
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selected sketches 2011-2012
quickly executed multimedia sketches done with paint, shellac, graphite and or sennelier paint sticks; on notebbook, mulberry, craft, or rives BFK papers, or plywood

These pieces spring out of a much larger series I did over a few years – what I call “snapshots” or “postcards”. They are sketches from my memories of trips to Puerto Rico. I love islands; Puerto Rico, Sicily, Jamaica, and Aruba come to mind – all places I’ve visited and loved. I’m Sicilian so maybe it’s in my blood. And since childhood I’ve always longed to go to Japan.

But there’s an emotional affinity regarding my interest in islands as well. There seems to be a certain vulnerability that an island must live with from moment to moment not the least of which is becoming totally overtaken by the very thing that makes it so alluring – the sea. In so many ways I am that island.